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Project Description

International team trip

Rise Up Management

Considering an international trip with your team?

Living an intercultural experience

We are committed to assist coaches and their team to be successful on and off the field. We think that living an international experience in Spain can help you in so many ways. It is really important to know your players in every situation, so you can adjust to their needs. We believe that creating an environment where every member of the team feels part of something bigger of theirselves, it is the key to be have success.


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What do we offer you?

Rise Up Team Package

We want to make things easy for you

This is why we have made a trip package of eight days in Spain, discovering Madrid and Barcelona, and that includes different services through the whole trip.

  • Double full accommodation for the whole trip in 4 starts hotels
  • All meals included (breakfast – lunch – dinner)
  • Four training seasons over the whole stay
  • Two Competitive Games against Spanish players
  • Private transfers to all activities and training sessions, including transfers from/to airport in Madrid and Barcelona, and also between cities by high-speed train (AVE)
  • One ticket to a Theme Park
  • One ticket to a Cultural Activity
  • One Sport Activity – Team Building
  • Two city-tours
  • Welcome Pack for each player
  • Medical Insurance for the trip
  • Three laundry services for all the stuff
  • Group and individual media set
  • 24 hours assistance by a sport travel representative


How can we help you?

If you have any additional requests or questions, please, just let us know. Start by getting a spot booked with us here:

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