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We plan unique experiences

We want to make your experience special and unforgettable by applying our creative planning method

Nowadays, we live in a world where exploring any part of the planet is possible. The Rise Up travel team provides a simple and clear planning of your trip from the beginning. We want you to lay back, grab your luggage, get your passport and just be ready to take off.

Enjoy every second of your experience

We work to make your trip an extraordinary experience where you can enjoy every second of the day. We use all of our knowledge and expertise to work within your budget. We guarantee your payments through a secure online account that stores and safeguards your bank, credit or debit card details, which allows you to pay safely and easily. We manage any setback that might occur before, during and after the trip. We provide a 24/7 assistance service for anything you need.

We specialise in the organisation of group trips: Sport teams, business groups and any kind of private excursion that you can think about.

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